The Gen II O-Pen® is the latest advancement in pocket water purifiers. It infuses the water with a visible cloud of ozone gas.

Well recognized as safe and effective for use in drinking water, ozone is more powerful than chlorine, and highly effective against dangerous microorganisms.

When its job is done, ozone reverts to oxygen quickly, leaving no chemical residue, odor or taste.

Now you can be sure that the water in your hotel room, cruise ship, or clear stream, is safer to drink because with the O-Pen®, The World is Your Water Bottle.™

Fast Acting: Purifies .5L (8oz.) in less than 1 minute.
Ultra-Portable: The O-Pen® weighs only 1.2 oz. (30g).
Rechargeable: Internal battery with USB cable included.
Capacity: Purifies approx. 25-30L before recharge.

To order your O-Pen®: Please call our office at 330.726.6010
Price for the O-Pen® is $149.00 plus tax and shipping.

See the O-Pen® in action: